Supply chain infrastructure offers easy access to market for farmers

supply chain infrastructure
Ninjacart offers supply chain infrastructure for farmers and consumers.

The India-based ag startup Ninjacart established a supply chain infrastructure between retailers and farmers making it the leading agritech platform in the country.

Furthermore, the company plans to expand its business by investing in the improvement of supply chain infrastructure. Currently, the company offers numerous benefits to farmers and consumers. These are below:

  • Improve the supply chain infrastructural capacity.
  • Grow the farmers/retailer network.
  • Also, they offer fresh and high-quality agricultural products.
  • Making market access the easiest way to sell products from farmers.
  • Providing consumers with low-cost but high-quality farm products.
  • Forecasting patterns to reduce food wastage.
  • Last, all of these can be done on a mobile phone.

Source: Aastha Singal, Entrepreneur India | Photo by Skeeze, Pixabay

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