Monday, November 19, 2018
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Poultry products development, a priority of Evonik Industries

Evonik Industries, a Germany-based chemical company, closed a partnership with OPTIfarm Ltd., a precision livestock startup company in the United Kingdom, to improve the...

Extreme drought conditions left Germany with decreased in potato supply

Due to the devastating effect that drought and extreme weather condition caused in Germany, a massive decrease in the supply of potatoes and quality...

Farmers in Germany suffer from extreme drought; government grants financial aid

After seeing the damage that extreme drought has brought into the country, the government of Germany agrees to provide farmers, who suffered from drought,...

“I have never seen this type of hot and dry weather,...

Farmers in around a dozen countries — from Ireland to the Baltics — are grappling with a once-in-a-generation drought. The unrelenting heat wave has...

Suedzucker faces almost 50% drop in profit

Suedzucker, the largest sugar-producer company in Europe, experienced a 49% drop in its operating profit as sugar in EU and global market lowers its production costs and sales volumes.Source: UKRAgroConsult | Photo by Humusak, Pixabay

German cities push avoiding use of pesticides in farming

In promoting environmentally-friendly management, over 200 cities in Germany decided to cut off the usage of pesticides and glyphosate as these products continuously contribute to the country's loss of biological diversity.Source: Devdiscourse | Photo by Wuzefe, Pixabay
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