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Iraq plans to rehabilitate traditional irrigation methods to cope with drought,...

As drought and lack of irrigation water extremely affects the agricultural areas in Iraq, a researcher of water resources management from Degla University suggests...

Iraq bans planting of summer crops

The government of Iraq banned its farmers from planting wheat, corn, and other summer crops as water shortage, extreme heat temperature, and low groundwater continue to affect the agricultural production of the country.  Source: Philip Issa, Tri-City Herald | Photo by Kees Streefkerk, Unsplash

Water crisis intensifies, crop planting to reduce

Due to Iraq's water crisis, the Ministry of Agriculture has decided to temporarily ban water-induced crops for the Ilisu Dam project will start filing this month. With this, as much as 50% of crop planting will be reduced and the imports from other countries will increase. Source: Rudaw | Photo by: Hector Rivas, Unsplash
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