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Rwanda introduces co-operative societies to help farmers increase farm productivity

Co-operative societies have helped farmers in Rwanda to participate in training to allow them to increase their farm income and gain access to a health...

AGRF addresses needs for agricultural investments for African farms, agribusinesses

With the theme of 'Lead, Measure, Grow', the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) held in the city of Rwanda discussed the needs to form...

China helps improve agricultural production in Rwanda; built a canal for...

The China Geo-Engineering Corporation (CGC) constructed a 30-kilometer long canal that produces water to irrigate 925 hectares of farm in Rwanda to make way...

‘Hands free’ irrigation system uses sensor to supply crop’s needs

Innovators from Rwanda, Africa discovered a modern farming management that enables farmers to irrigate their farmlands hands-free by using solar-fueled sensors that automatically supply nutrients and water whenever crops needed it. Source: Nita Karume, Farmers Review Africa | Photo by Feraugustodesign, Pixabay

Starbucks launching program to trace coffee beans, using block chain technology

Starbucks wants to to increase transparency from “bean to cup” with block chain technology. It will be possible to log and share real-time information, tracking the coffee beans. The program aims to positively impact its smallholder farmers. Laura Mullan / Food Drink & Franchise / Photo Photo Mark Daynes on Unsplash <
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