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How ants contribute to fighting weed seeds

Study shows harvester ants (of the species Messor barbarus) eat weed seeds on the soil's surface. With this, farmers can manage weeds on their farms,...

EU-funded researchers developed salt-tolerant rice to protect an important crop

Rice is grown in several Mediterranean countries in Europe, which provide around two-thirds of rice consumed within the EU. However, most varieties are severely...

John Deere acquires KING AGRO – producer of carbon fiber technology

Deere & Company has signed an agreement to acquire King Agro – a privately-held manufacturer of carbon fibre technology products with headquarters in Valencia, Spain and a production facility in Campana, Argentina.  Machinefinder | photo Pixabay

Study shows Lupin plant could help treat heart disease and diabetes

Spain and Australian researchers have found out that seed-proteins, or conglutins, in narrow-leafed lupins can provide alternative therapies for diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. Eva Corlett | Radio New Zealand
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