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Documentary gives voice to Tanzanian cassava farmers and scientists

The 18-minute documentary was shot in various locations in Tanzania in March 2018 by Chris Knight, videographer with the Cornell Science Media Production Center,...

Tanzania urges youth to join projects to improve fish farming industry

Rukwa Region, one of the regions in Tanzania, urged the youth to take part in the fish farming projects, implemented by the government, to...

Farmers from Tanzania trained on tomato processing, packaging

Smallholder farmers from Ngarenanyuki, Uwiro, and Ngabobo have experienced a week-long training on tomato processing and packaging to help them earn from their backyard gardens. Source: Happy Lazaro, The Citizen | Photo by: Markus Spiske, Unsplash 

Government of Tanzania commits against child labour

Nearly 92% of children that are engaged in child labour in Tanzania works in the country's agriculture, forestry, and fishing sector. In the commemoration of World Day Against Child Labour, the government commits to eliminate all forms of child labour in the country. Source: Daily News | Photo by: Zeyn Afuang, Unsplash
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