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Digital transaction of farm products ensures farmers’ profit

The winner of the Fast Company's 2019 World Changing Ideas Awards, BanQu, first introduces its platform in Zambia to offer farmers with a digital...

Bean crops in Zambia set to be bean weevil resistant

A bean breeder from the University of Zambia aims to develop beans that are resistant to bean weevil. This is after weevil larvae were...

Government pushes value addition in livestock, fishery sectors in Zambia

To attain the sustainable economic development in Zambia, the government plans to boost the agriculture sector by increasing the agro-processing industries through value addition...

Solution to micronutrient-malnutrition: “Super crops”

The Department for International Development of United Kingdom has supported Zambia through funding a research to create "super crops", more nutritious and has better resistance to diseases, that can also withstand flooding or drought and can fight micro-nutrient-malnutrition in Africa. Source: Jack Peat, Independent | Photo by: Melissa Askew, Unsplash
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