Technological tools in agriculture help Japan cope with aging problems

technological tools
Japan address its problem on aging farmers with technological tools.

Through the Niigata conference held in Japan, agtech companies see technology as a key to further prosper agriculture. What are the technological tools that can be accessible to farmers in Japan?

  • Agri-note is a mobile application that helps farmers to keep track with the tasks that they need to accomplish in their farms each day. It also monitors crop growth and amount of fertilizer and pesticides input.
  • Satellite data helps farmers identify the growing patterns of crops and conditions soil for rice planting.
  • The high-resolution imaging of drones can spot farm anomalies allowing farmers to solve it quickly.
  • Accessible data on tablet computers and mobile phones provide farmers with tips and techniques in agriculture.

Furthermore, these technologies offer a wide range of benefits that could boost local economy and production in farms. As Japan’s population meet solutions on aging problem, these technological tools will address the increasing demand in food, as well.

Source: Eric Johnston, The Japan Times | Photo by Joao Marques, Unsplash

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