Technology for farming advancements seeks sustainable agriculture

technology for farming advancements
Technology in farming advancements offer sustainable agriculture system for farmers.

Precision agriculture allows better market access, efficiency in farming, and cut down costs in farms. Agriculture companies such as Redline Equipment and Case IH Agriculture continues to build farming advancements and capabilities to allow a more sustainable agriculture sector.

One of the technological farming advancements that we have today are:

  • GPS-guided satellite imagery
  • Field monitoring by auto-drive tractors
  • Cost-effective seed planting, fertilizing, and nutrient application
  • Also, accurate management of field variations
  • Wireless data communication
  • Collection of data from weather stations
  • And, using fewer resources to cut down production costs.

Furthermore, control system such as sensors, robotics, drones, and autonomous vehicles make it possible for farmers to increase the efficiency of daily farming. Also, the Redline Equipment offers trials in farms to test these technologies before implementation.

And, Case IH Agriculture offers software and programs for problem solving and decision making.

Source: Sara Fiedelholtz, The Journal Gazette | Photo by Philippe Freyhof, Flickr 

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