Twitter Former CFO Joins Farming Startup Plenty


Former chief financial officer of Twitter, Mr. Mike Gupta, has joined indoor farming tech company Plenty Inc. In his new role he will contribute to the company’s international expansion. Mike Gupta helped take Twitter public in 2013. Also he had previously spent about eight years in various roles at Yahoo.

Gupta sain in an interview to it’s new role: “It’s not new for me to be in hypergrowth companies that are entering unchartered territory. This is a very capital intensive business, so having someone who can think about how we raise and deploy capital in the long run will be very important.”

The startup is developing a new version of its farms. The new farm, called Tigris, will be able to produce more than 40 times the amount of leafy greens that its current farms can grow, while using less energy. Plenty aims to roll out Tigris later in 2019.

Source: Bloomberg / Author: Selina Wang

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