Unmanned Ground Vehicle: Meeting Agricultural Demands

unmanned ground vehicle in agriculture
Robotics Plus closes a partnership with Yamaha to develop unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) in agriculture.

The Japan-based company Yamaha invests eight million dollars to Robotics Plus, an ag-tech startup company, after announcing their partnership. It also paves the way to the introduction of the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) platform technology in the market.

Moreover, the investment would be a key contributor to help Robotics Plus make agriculture more sustainable, healthy, and secured. It also aims to reduce labor shortage globally, address the increasing agricultural demands, and develop technologies to address these concerns.

For example, these technologies that are still developing includes autonomous agricultural vehicle, robotic kiwifruit harvester, robotic pollinator, and crop estimator.

Source: Esther Taunton, Stuff | Photo from Robotics Plus Limited

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