High-tech vertical farm feeds Canadians with high-quality farm products

high-tech vertical farm
High-tech vertical farm in Toronto provides Northern Canadians with high-quality farm products.

We The Roots, a company in Toronto, provide Northern Canadians with farm products from its high-tech vertical farm built in a warehouse.

Moreover, this company wants to align its goal with the government’s Nutrition North program. Also, it utilizes the hydroponic and LED lighting system to grow more than 20,000 leafy greens at a time. Operating automatedly, this high-tech vertical farm grows foods through:

  • Putting nutrients in the water and recycling them.
  • LED lighting system optimizes plants’ specific qualities, size, texture, and taste.
  • Also, their light recipes allow them to put various vitamins in a crop.
  • More importantly, this technology is created to help feed astronauts.

Source: James Dunne, CBC News | Photo by Eirik Newth, Flickr

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