Wastewater from oil companies to convert into irrigation water

wastewater product
Encore company plans to convert wastewater into irrigation water.

The Encore Green Environmental company aims to maximize the use oil-and-gas wastewater by irrigating arid lands in New Mexico.

Produced water is a byproduct from oil and gas that comes from oil companies. It can be recycled and reused if its quality and composition meet national and local regulations and laws. With this in mind, Encore aims to study the properties of produced water before it goes for recycling. Moreover, they will also study soil content and moisture levels in arid areas to see it if would match vegetation before irrigation.

Furthermore, Encore aims to achieve a wastewater resource to be an alternative source of irrigation water. This water re-purposing process will prevent water wastage and will help conserve water resources.

Source: Kevin Robinson-Avila, ABQ Journal | Photo by Dave Hebb, Flickr

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