Way to Achieve Solutions on Wastewater Management

wastewater management against pollution
Two companies closed a partnership to launch a technology that would provide a sustainable wastewater management solution.

Building a partnership together, the Taurus Agricultural Marketing and Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies introduce a solution to wastewater management.

In particular, Ostara offered a water treatment solution that would turn wastewater into environmentally-friendly fertilizer called Crystal Green. Included in the process is the extraction of phosphorus and ammonia from the wastewater to protect the local waterways from pollution.

This technology offers innovation and sustainability by means of:

  • Improving crop yields.
  • Enhance soil health.
  • Help address issues on food security.
  • Lastly, to provide a sustainable solution to the agriculture sector.

Source: Keith Loria, AG Funder News | Photo by Mabel Amber, Pixabay

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