Farmers in Kenya experience water shortage

farmers suffer from water shortage
Smart Harvest offers farmes in Kenya tips on how to mitigate water shortage in farms

Farmers in Kenya continue to suffer from water shortage. From the preparation of land to the installation of water harvesting equipment, farmers apply all necessary things to ensure a harvest.

As a result, the Smart Harvest prepares farmers for the upcoming short rains and how they could take an advantage to it. Besides, an expert from JKUAT observes that there are simple rainwater technologies that can be used to mitigate water shortage when it rains.

  • Farmers should prepare their land before planting.
  • Also, the holes near plants will ensure that the seeds absorb every water.
  • Increasing demands for vegetables after short rains. Planting quick growing crops would help.
  • Be alert on livestock diseases that may occur during floods and cold weather.
  • Invest in additional heating facilities for breeding purposes.
  • Ensure proper drying systems to avoid post-harvest losses.
  • Look for water harvesting technologies.

However, farmers who don’t have proper drying systems in place may experience post-harvest losses, especially after they harvest crops that need to be dried. For example,  farmers need to dry maize products for a short time to avoid contamination of aflatoxin. The holes near plant surfaces will also avoid rotting of seeds.

Smart Harvest provides these tips to ensure the continues income and food production in the country despite of natural calamities.

Source: | Photo by Niro68, Flickr

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