Yara, IBM collaboration offers digital agronomic advise to farmers

agronomic advise
Yara and IBM partnership develops platform to digitze agricultural system.

Yara International and IBM company lead a partnership to launch the world’s leading digital farming platform for digital services and agronomic advise.

Through this platform, the digital agricultural solutions will increase the global food production with the companies innovations. Furthermore, Yara will introduce its agronomic knowledge and, on the other hand, IBM will offer its artificial intelligence and data analytics platforms.

The collaboration aims to achieve:

  • First, to provide a platform that would help feed the growing population.
  • Second, prevent deforestation.
  • Third, Increase the food production in farmlands.
  • It will also optimize farming practices to maximize crop yields, food quality, and farmers’ income.
  • Lastly, to provide insights to farmers through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and in-field data.

Source: Cision PR Newswire | Photo from Pexels

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